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Purdue Pharma’s Bankruptcy Filing Opposed by Attorney Generals

Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy filing is opposed by Attorney Generals from New York and Massachusetts, demanding the founders of the opioid-making company, The Sacklers contribute more to than the $3 billion they have pledged thus far.

The patrons are likely to sell their businesses overseas and fund the current financial retrenchment, apart from ceding control of Purdue.

Purdue Pharma’s Bankruptcy Filing Opposed by Attorney Generals

Wave of anger

Though Purdue did remain proactive about its payback to the affected ‘dependents’ or addicted patients of the opioid it produced, its proposal to pay over $20 million in fees to governments which are performing the due diligence on the settlement Purdue has so far sought. The reimbursement offer was confirmed by the lawyer of the official committee that included the unsecured creditors.

“It’s difficult for me to explain to my constituents why states and government authorities which have the funds to pay lawyers to get their fees paid when it could be used for a hospital,” he said. “We think it sends the wrong message to victims of the opioid crisis.”

Files for bankruptcy

In September, Purdue chose to file for insolvency because of the thousands of o lawsuits which accused the pharmacy company of aiding opioid crisis by running down addiction risks when the painkiller produced by them ran the risk of causing addiction.

It entered bankruptcy framework settlement worth $10 billion based on the support of twenty-four and more states as well as local governments which filed the lawsuits at mass-level.

The crisis caused by the painkillers which were made of opioid has had very deep-rooted problems. Scott Bickford, of the guardians of children born after ‘neonatal abstinence syndrome’ where the children had experienced the opioid exposure in the mother’s womb, is being opposed by similar organizations.

In October, the drug-making company made a fresh offer of $200 million emergency fund to spend on the patients who are now housed in addiction treatment programs.  Purdue could not access the money due to disagreements between states, governments and all other parties on the topic of how spending funds. A proposal to reimburse frees of four law firms as well as the financial adviser for the immediate release of funds.

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